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Prasanna Sankar from 0xPPL

Prasanna Sankar from 0xPPL

Google for Web3 wallets.
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“I think they took six months to figure out where the publish button for the podcast is” 

—Ivangbi, Gearbox

I think he was right. We started work on this podcast about six months ago. It took four months to figure out how to record and consistently ship issues—one of which was Ivan’s—but here we are at our tenth issue! 

I know that’s not much of a milestone, but most new podcasts don’t make it this far. Last month, we spoke to senior operators from Monad, Polygon, and Cosmos. We are slowly, but steadily learning how to do podcasts better.   

Today, we are joined by one of our portfolio founders, Prasanna Sankar. We have been huge fans and investors in what he has been building with 0xppl. Simply put, 0xppl allows you to build context on your friends' transactions. The web was initially anonymous. Then, social networks helped shed light on what people were doing. 0xppl is now trying to do that for wallet addresses. 

So, what makes a man come up with an idea like that? Prasanna’s last venture was an enterprise SaaS business named Rippling. It is currently valued at over $10 billion. Enterprise SaaS has very little to do with social networks. But in the early 2010s, Prasanna had co-founded a company called LikeALittle. He had built a social network and seen its gradual decline. 

In fact, Prasanna spent close to seven years seeing multiple social networks' gradual rise and repeated downfall. So his views on what it would take for emergent Web3 social networks to survive could be a goldmine for operators in the space.

Tune in for extremely rich nuggets on risk, optimism, and how philosophy helps founders persevere when all hope seems lost. 

0xppl currently has a waiting list of close to 22k users.
But you can access it directly using this link. 

Think of it as reader/listener perks.

Signing out,
Saurabh Deshpande

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