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Podcast Episode: Vishwa from Anera Labs

Podcast Episode: Vishwa from Anera Labs



Inside most blockchain operators are two wolves. One wants to tackle the biggest problems in the world using a variation of an enterprise blockchain. The other wants to service the core users in crypto today. Most founders who follow the first path often learn the hard way that the market has not matured enough to support venture- backed firms.

Today, we are joined by a founder who has had a similar learning trajectory. If you’d like to get straight to the podcast, use the links below

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He has tried to set up a fund of funds, helped Qatar Museum launch NFTs, and built a fintech lending application in India. Safe to say, he has been across the board in terms of what a fintech enthusiast could be doing in one’s entrepreneurial journey.

Vishwa from Anera Labs joins us today to share his story and how it led him to building core infrastructure for intents.

Intents? You may have seen the term being thrown around on Twitter. Imagine you could tell Siri to sell 10 ETH for USDC, and your iPhone could do that transaction. Or, you set limit orders on Jupiter to convert your WIF to SOL. The act of relaying your “intention” of doing a transaction is referred to as intents. As improvements in AI and NLP occur, we will see a subsection of crypto that evolves to cater to users’ needs to transfer assets across chains with the least effort.

As with all things involving reduction of effort and improvement of efficiency, intents are creating a new market. One where market-makers, decentralised exchanges, and bridges are finding avenues for profit from users looking to do transactions with the least effort.

Vishwa breaks down how this market came to be, what MEV is, how bribing for MEV works, and the role solvers play in the equation. That’s a lot of jargon, I know. But the podcast itself is a beautiful story.

The story of a founder who has persisted through multiple cycles with an abundance of passion for building in fintech– a guy who used to attend hackathons and submit code using ChatGPT to build a network in an industry of specialists. In breaking down intents, Vishwa leaves nuggets of wisdom most founders who are now trying to break into the ecosystem can tap into.

Which reminds me, if you are building in the early stages- make sure to drop your decks here. Listen to the 90-minute podcast for a journey through Vishwa’s career and the evolution of intents.

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