i think in order to truly scale web3 from a developer & consumer perspective is to build an abstraction layer by having plug & play solutions & not needing to manage wallets, grant permissions to smart contracts, mobile is the device where most attention is spent in emerging markets

fintech apps in India (likes of PhonePe, Cred, Jar, etc) is able to scale to millions of MAUs by being available on a computer that people carry in their pockets, accelerating digitisation, reducing cost per every user & unleashing economies of scale

being on mobile is one part of the conversation, being able to abstract all the complexities of blockchain systems (granting permissions, paying gas fee for each tx) will truly complement scaling the decentralised economy

what do you think?

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Hey Joel, I have heard some devs said that they really wanted to build on mobile, but faced significant roadblocks from the App Store & Google Play. Do you think that's true? If yes, what should the devs' response be?

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