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Ep 13 - Gin Chao from NLH

Ep 13 - Gin Chao from NLH

From Poker to Venture Bets



Crypto will continue to follow Bitcoin's four-year halving until BTC dominance falls below 20%. And that will take at least another two cycles to play out. That's the view of our latest guest, Gin Chao.

He is the founder of No Limit Holdings. They are an investment firm that was early to back the likes of Ethena and Wynd—both high-impact protocols that have made a dent in our industry. The former is currently valued at over $7.5 billion.

Gin’s journey into the industry started with a poker match a decade back. One which was attended by CZ. Prior to launching No Limit Holdings, Gin was the Strategy Officer at Binance. His primary focus areas being corporate development and venture investments at Binance Labs. He has also been on the Board of Binance US for the past three years.

Gin is a seasoned market veteran who has been active since the days of the dot-com bubble. Much of our discussion drew parallels between how the web evolved and the state of crypto today. Crypto is in a confusing phase where valuations are a bit all over the place as models of value accrual are not yet clear. Much like with the web, it will take time for the industry to figure out which metrics matter and the proper ways to evaluate protocols.

In today’s episode, we go deep into Gin’s investment philosophies, his view on the cycle, and the key sectors he’s focused on. Tune in for notes from a seasoned veteran who has seen multiple billion-dollar companies from their seed stages to multi-billion-dollar valuations.

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