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A New Medium

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Hey there!

I'll keep this one short.'s core mission has been to surface the best stories in Web3. We have been perfecting our stories with text as a medium for the past few months. You may have noticed us improving our visuals, expanding the breadth of topics and looking towards the niche, esoteric use cases very few writers cover. Today, we are expanding towards podcasts to further that mission.

Starting today, some of our stories will come linked with podcasts attached to them. These will be conversations with operators and investors within Web3. Putting a human voice behind the stories we tell helps put the narratives and trends we cover in better perspective. You can listen to them directly on Substack or subscribe at the links below.

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If you'd like to use an RSS feed for a podcast client, you can use this link.

Episode one extends the long-form piece we wrote on the data market landscape last week. Ganesh Swami from Covalent joined Saurabh and Siddharth to share his perspective on the evolving market for data products in Web3. Covalent provides blockchain data for developers building apps using blockchains.

His experience building through the past boom and bust cycles provides rich context for founders building in today's environment. He joins us in this episode to explain how on-chain data firms have evolved, the indexer's GTM strategies and what lies ahead for the sector.

We promised not to spam your inbox without a story to read. As we announced the podcast today, I am opening access to two of our past paid pieces. One of them is a brief on the current funding environment and what founders need to know. The other is a breakdown of how apps use Telegram as a distribution mechanism. You can read them at the links below.

  1. On using Telegram for distribution

  2. The funding environment

Do listen, sync your RSS feeds and send in feedback.

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