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While I was reading the article, I liked the humility of the writer that he has no maximalist position despite being the one dedicated to crypto writing. I will second his thoughts by the use of a principle from behavioral economics. This is called Nudge as popularized by its writers Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein. There are lots of spaces in social networks where people can be gently nudged to try out something that may solve a part of their current troubles. Being a founder myself, I have located this problem in dating networks where finding a person with commitment is hell of a problem. People don't prefer either of the two choices "jumping into marriage" and "jumping into bed" but dating networks don't offer what they need. This is what I call a pre-marital commitment space where commitment can co-exist with the option of an exit. Smart contracts can be used to convert this space into floating bonds of a huge variety. This is just to highlight the potential of this article for other readers. However, I would expect more from the writer in the next article around how to try out a bigger range of user number with dApps.

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