Outstanding writeup Joel! I would love to collab on a follow-up piece to this with more attention paid to Founders of startups that are non-technical. For example myself I was a recipient of NEAR's Fellowship program as an Entrepreneur in Residence for 3 months. The funding I was given allowed me to build more ecosystem awareness for NEAR in my personal network where I recruited about a dozen individuals from developers to designers.

Im still seeking funding to work on cryptodir.co and schoolofwagmi.com, but as Im not a Developer, I have different challenges.

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Thank you for the solid content and overview. It seems like a scenario with a watershed, red ocean vs blue ocean strategy. If web3 is about community and non extractive platforms, this is the real chance to create cooperation between players. Next Questbook, there is DAO Lens and other coming up.

What would be your view to support an organic growth?

I wrote this article an initial experimental use case for ecosystem strategy. Feel free to share your views and feedback: https://twitter.com/RenzoDan5/status/1617636952009998336

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