Jul 21, 2022Liked by Joel John

Thank you Joel. Great piece on a great project.

I have been using DFS since late 2020. I have certainly paid my school fees in high gas over this time but every gwei was totally worth it.

This project has enabled me to learn and experiment with their intuitive tools like Defiexplore, gas tracker and the simulation mode apart from the all important automated position savers -the UX/UI in a class of it’s own. The team is hands on 24/7 in all channels especially discord.

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Great read. Came across DeFiSaver a few months back and I was pretty intrigued by the value prop. It's def. interesting to make these custom strategies - and automate workflows.

Also, love the backstory - didn't know it was a bootstrapped venture. Great read, and superb job putting this together Joel.

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