I am a research analyst currently engaged by Outlier Ventures. I entered the space in 2012 with the intent of exploring how Bitcoin could be used for financial inclusion. Have worked as an analyst at Tracxn . Started my career with Rebright Partners (Singapore based) and GSF Accelerator (India focused). I spend my time obsessing about numbers and the stories behind them. Routinely switch gears to work closely with founders on solving specific problems and scaling. If you are a founder struggling to find product market fit or working on something cool - do slip in a message.

Past lives include stints in selling sanitary napkins to government schools, mining Bitcoin with an AWS server and failed attempts at convincing regulators about the need to regulate the technology in India. Over time, I hope to use technology to improve lives at scale.

I set up decentralised.co as a mechanism to capture and share my own thoughts about the industry. I am fairly coin agnostic and believe experimentation is welcome so long as they don't prey upon individuals. I may scale this up into a daily newsletter in the future if I see sufficient interest for data driven research pieces.

How to contact me
E-mail : joel@decentralised.co. (Most preferred)
Twitter : @joel_john95
Telegram : @joel_john

The irony of this website is likely the fact that there is nothing decentralised about it yet. Hopefully I move it to a more web 3.0 architecture in the near future.