This is where it all began.

In 2019 I got rejected for a visa to visit the UK. Twice. Then plans of moving permanently to Singapore fell apart. Dejected, I took a few weeks out to go hang out in cafes in Goa. I like numbers so for two weeks all I did is crunch numbers. I had questions. What’s the average size of a stablecoin transaction? How much in capital is moved through dApps? I spent $840 of my last $1000 on a Tableau subscription in the middle of a bear market. When all of it was done - I thought I should publish it under my own name instead of sending it to legal at the venture fund I used to work at. I wanted to speak in my own voice instead of representing a fund. So I set up a substack and pressed the publish button. This publication is what came of it.

Turns out, a lot of individuals had the same questions around web3 and crypto as an asset class. This publication is an attempt at answering those questions in the best ways possible. I don’t really have all the answers. But if enough curious people come together - wonderful things can happen. Things like enabling 5 unicorns or helping people land millions in employee stock options. (Humble brag, I know, but let me have this flex). I think this publication is an effort towards creating environments where people can think, learn and share. We are in the business of enabling serendipity and depth of thought. You should come hang out in our Telegram if that interests you.

I cover stories of founders from emerging markets, explain what is going on in crypto and occasionally nerd out on on-chain statistics in this publication. Every once in a while I collaborate with people much smarter than me. Most of the time, I am just trying to have fun and make money while at it. You should follow this publication if you are seeking answers like I did long back in Goa. Hopefully, some of the answers we find help you build the next big thing.

About Me
I lead venture investments and special situation strategies at a multi-strat fund named LedgerPrime. We have invested in 60+ firms through the fund with an explicit focus on how money is evolving. I have also been involved early at Covalent, Biconomy and LobsterDAO. Mostly intrigued by financial history, finance and good literature. Sometimes, I burn food in the kitchen and call it cooking. Perpetually caffeinated.


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Joel John

I make charts, write long-forms and pretend to be lost in books so I can avoid talking to strangers. Used to head venture investments at a hedge fund in a past life. Often found with a bowl of ramen in Dubai.


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